An Example of Our Work: CaringWorks, Inc.

CaringWorks had worked with Advantage Consulting to successfully apply for and be awarded SAMHSA Services for Supportive Housing grant in 2009 (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration). We were asked by CaringWorks to provide the evaluation services for the grant. We initially began by conducting the basic evaluation activities outlined in the SAMHSA proposal (collecting and analyzing outcome data as well as client satisfaction data). However, since CaringWorks wanted to improve its use and understanding of its data, Advantage Consulting facilitated the creation of a Performance Improvement Committee (PIC) that would have representatives from staff and board and would take a more comprehensive approach to data collection and analysis. After conducting a few initial planning sessions to launch the PIC, CaringWorks now annually produces a Performance Improvement Plan that has the following elements:

•Ensure alignment with agency goals

•Ensure alignment with commitments made to all major funders

•Have clear performance improvement indicators

•An organized performance improvement planning process

•Key strategies for the current fiscal year

•Action plan tables for each strategy with Key Steps, Timelines, and Lead Staff

The results of the evaluation activities have helped CaringWorks to:

•Identify areas for improvement in its supportive housing services

•Engage property owners on any issues with housing

•Create a training calendar to ensure staff have the necessary skills to meet the needs of their clients

•Begin to develop a dashboard to track the agency’s progress on key metrics


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