An Example of Our Work: Decatur Cooperative Ministry (DCM)

Decatur Cooperative Ministry was already an engaged and results oriented organization when it approached Advantage Consulting to assist them with their next strategic planning process. However, in an effort to continue to improve their operations and their strategies, they wanted to build on their existing success and identify areas for improving how they were serving their clients. Advantage Consulting helped DCM by doing the following:

•Worked with a strategic planning committee to execute a planning process

•Reviewed the former plan goals, strategies, actions, responsibilities and measures and documented lessons learned

•Implemented a cultural assessment of the organization and produced a comprehensive report

•Reviewed program reports and evaluation data regarding current performance, interviewed clients, evaluated the current service delivery process/structure and provided specific recommendations regarding process and/or structural improvements/enhancements

•Conducted a stakeholder focus group regarding the cultural assessment results and potential improvements to the service delivery system

•Conducted Staff/Board retreat to review recommendations and develop action steps

•Produced a strategic plan which guides governance activities, informs strategic decisions for 3-5 years and can be reviewed annually to adjust for new opportunities and unforeseen challenges

•Produced an implementation and monitoring tool to track progress

Advantage Consulting helped DCM create a strategic plan that :

•Builds on real organizational assets

•Focuses on board and staff capacity building

•Addresses identity and communication challenges

•Starts by building a stronger fiscal foundation

•Includes evidence based practices, enhanced evaluation and building core competencies

•Looks to the future and DCM’s potential as a sector leader

Strategic Planning

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