An Example of Our Work: Families, First, Inc.

Advantage Consulting partnered with Families First, Inc. and the Georgia Department of Human Services to promote safety, well-being and permanency among youth in foster care by implementing a research-based demonstration program called the Placement to Permanency Program (PTP). Through Placement to Permanency, Families First, utilized a combination of family-finding activities and kinship navigator services. The two-year research-based program, funded by the Whitehead Foundation, assessed the extent to which Families First’s efforts facilitated emotional and placement permanency with biological relatives and fictive kin.

The goal of the study was three part:

• Provide objective, empirical evidence of the efficacy of the PTP model;

• Utilize the published evaluation results in educating policy makers and key stakeholders;

• Increase public and private funding and support for the PTP model and similar interventions.

As a result of Advantage Consulting’s research services, Families First:

• Designed a comprehensive research approach (including statistical modeling and instrument selection) in 90 days.

• Trained staff on data collection policies and procedures (including HIPAA compliance and instrument usage).

• Secured project approval as a human research study through the Georgia Department of Community Health.

• Provided summative research findings designed to assist the partners in making judgments about the worth, merit, and/or effectiveness of the Families First’s Kinship Navigator and Family-Finding efforts.

• Provided valuable formative research data and feedback during the program implementation to Families First staff about key program processes and activities as these were designed and implemented during the project.

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