Non-profits must maximize their professional and volunteer staff capacity by ensuring that those involved in operating the organization have the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to effectively achieve the desired results. Results-based training and coaching are consultative services delivered to clients aimed at meeting unique agency goals and objectives. Coaching can be especially useful to help individuals, groups and organizations to address complex problems and/or achieve significant goals and to do so in a highly individualized fashion, while learning at the same time.

Our Approach

Advantage Consulting possesses advanced expertise and skill in training nonprofit board members, staff and volunteers on a wide array of topics. Effective training utilizes adult learning principles in developing and delivering curriculum that meets the unique needs of participants. Training and coaching involves working in a partnership between trainer/coach and client(s) to provide structure, guidance and support in:

• Fully assessing their current state, including their assumptions and perceptions about their work, themselves and their core competencies;

• Setting realistic and relevant goals for themselves, based on their needs and strengths;

• Taking action toward reaching their goals; and

• Learning by reflecting on their actions along the way.

An Example of Our Work: Georgia Center for Nonprofits “Momentum Initiative”

Training & Coaching

Advantage Consulting, through meaningful relationship building within our nonprofit community, has been able to lead our organizations through transformational growth. Through these relationships they succeeded in providing effective outcomes-based coaching to our nonprofits.

Dana Haza

Senior Project Manager

Georgia Center for Nonprofits

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