Strategic Planning

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An Example of Our Work: CaringWorks, Inc.


The practice of evaluation involves thoughtful, systematic collection and analysis of information about the activities, characteristics, and outcomes of programs, for use by specific people, to reduce uncertainties, improve effectiveness, and make decisions.

Our Approach

Advantage Consulting assists its clients in ensuring that all evaluation stakeholders are included in the planning process. We use the following steps to build a comprehensive evaluation plan for our clients:

• We use the logic model building process to help our clients describe how a program is understood to work to achieve outcomes for its participants.

• We then help in identifying appropriate indicators and targets to ensure that there are reasonable and measurable ways for the organization to measure its progress.

• To collect the relevant data, we assist our agencies develop a data collection plan (including identifying data collections tools).

• We increase the rigor in our clients’ program evaluation efforts by helping to create mixed data collection strategies, from multiple sources of data and at multiple points in time

We help our clients to organize their activities by ensuring that they have a clear data collection management process in place (including testing instruments/procedures, data entry, and monitoring the process). Finally we help our clients to prepare to analyze and report on their results.


“Working with Advantage Consulting has yielded tremendous benefits to our organization. Their insight, professionalism and objectivity has helped us to identify agency strengths and weaknesses and in turn, use that data to improve the daily experience of our staff and clients.”

Carol S Collard, PhD, LMSW

President & CEO

CaringWorks, Inc.

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