Overview of Services

Evaluation: Logic model design; indicator / target identification; data collection strategy; measurement and monitoring process design; independent evaluation; technical assistance

Strategic Planning: Data collection / analysis; planning process design; workshop facilitation, community / stakeholder engagement; plan documentation; action planning; implementation support; tracking dashboards / tools

Social Enterprise: Feasibility studies; business planning; market analysis; corporate structure; business accelerators

Research: Study design; IRB navigation; data collection / analysis; reports and publications

Organizational Development: Learning and development; leadership development; change management; organizational design; capability assessment; performance management; coaching

Program Design: Current state assessment of programs; future state visioning; service delivery model design; process design / improvement; partnership framework design; pilot implementation

Training and Coaching: Adult learning curricula that meet the unique needs of participants; current state assessment of perceptions and core competencies; individual reflection and group dialogue; goal setting and action plans.

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